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 Eggs Change
 이** (steve)


Eggs Change




"Eggs Change" as a mother chicken is threatened by the farmer’s wife to take her eggs. 

She manages to get an egg from the chicken, but in the end and the chicken has a trick of her own.​


어미 닭인 "계란이 바뀌다"는 농부의 아내로부터 자신의 달걀을 가져가라는 위협을 받습니다. 

그녀는 닭으로부터 가까스로 달걀을 얻지만, 결국 닭은 자신의 속임수를 씁니다.




1. How does the mother chicken react when threatened by the farmer's wife to take her eggs? 

2. What trick does the chicken use to deal with the situation in the end? 

3. How does the interaction between the mother chicken, the farmer's wife, and the eggs contribute to the overall story or message of "Eggs Change"?​

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