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 Pizza Hut Now Thats Delivering

01 | 원문
Hello Internet, at Pizza Hut we get asked, "Do you deliver?"
Yeah! We deliver.
Restaurant quality Pizza, piping hot to your home. Now we're not ones to knock the competition. But guess whose pizza you said tastes best? According to this new independent taste test, ours! But we don't need to tell you that because you just told us that. Thank you, Great Britain!
At Pizza Hut we go big on banquets, which is why we have a reward scheme, some places don't. But with us, you can earn delicious free pizza by eating delicious pizza. Now I don't know what heaven’s like but I bet it's a lot like that.
No no, no, our generosity doesn't end there. Because unlike the other guys, we also do this, our 5-pound favorites! All these favorites, for just 5 pounds.
Do you solemnly swear to deliver piping hot pizzas in 30 minutes and if you're just 10 minutes late to get people 10 pounds of their next order?
We do your honor. It's called our speed guarantee.
And do the other lot do that?
No, no they don't.
So internet, an answer to the question, do we deliver? You could say that. Restaurant quality pizzas does deliver, amazing deals and rewards deliver, speed guaranty delivered, cheesy bites delivered, smiles on faces delivered. Yup, we are at pizza hut deliver, now that's delivery.

02 | 단어&표현
* quality : 고급, 양질
* piping hot : 몹시 뜨거운
* compete : 경쟁하다

03 | 해설
소개해 드리는 영상은 피자헛의 피자 영상 광고 입니다.
피자헛에서 배달 서비스를 하면서, 같은 경쟁업체의 배달 서비스를 은근히 빗대면서 피자헛의 배달 서비스가 더 좋다는것을 소비자들에게 전달하는 광고 입니다.
영상을 통해서 같이 감상해 보시죠.

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