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 America's Navy - One Navy

01 | 원문
I wanted to see other people get some other perspectives. You know see what else was out there.

I have got sailors from all around the world, different backgrounds, different beliefs, and religions and race but also different upbringings.

We take people in the Navy from around the world and I think that's important because you get ideas from allover.

I'm from New York.
I'm from New Orleans Louisiana.
I am from Vermont.
I came from Cuba.
I'd never been on the ocean before I joined the Navy.
I'm the first generation sailor.

We're all given the same tests, they're just simply looking at how well do you do your job.

If you're diligent, hardworking and yous tudy the references you can do anything in this Navy.

You get to a certain level of leadership where you can actually affect culture.

There should be no reason why it matters whether you're a man or a woman or a black or white or what your gender identity is.

Everybody has equal rights and equal opportunities.

The Navy has given me more opportunities than I ever could have imagined coming from a small town.

I've been to Bahrain. I've been to Italy.

Australia, to Singapore, Philippines, Thailand.

I've been so many places, I'm trying to keep them separate.

Yeah I've been to four or five different countries in the last year.

Being in the Navy and being to another country to another culture, for me it teaches you how to find yourself, how to actually be an adult and be responsible.

No matter where you go you're going to meet people from places you've never been before and they're going to have experiences you've never had before. So learning from those people is one of the biggest advantages I'll say from being in the Navy.

The people that I work with they immediately become like a group of family.

Anytime you've got a team that's able to get something complex accomplished right, do something hard together and do it well- that builds morale.

You can't learn this level of team work or hardship or flexibility anywhere else.

You will not find an organization or a business in the world with the diversity hat the Navy has or more importantly a business that uses its diversity the way the Navy does to win wars.

02 | 단어&표현
* other : (그밖의)다른, 다른 사람[것]
* get : 얻다, 입수하다, 가지다
* reference : (~에 대해)말하기, 언급, 언급대상, 언급한것
* diligent : 근명한, 성실한
* hard-working : 근면한
* separate : 분리돈, 따로떨어진, 독립된, 서로다른, 별개의
* place [with] : ~을 주문하다
* anytime : 언제든지(at any time)
* accomplish : 완수하다, 성취하다, 해내다
* hardship : (돈,식품 등의 부족에서 오는)어려움[곤란]

03 | 해설
소개해 드리는 영상은 미국 해군 모집 영상입니다.
영상의 제목대로 하나의 해군을 강조하는 영상입니다. 함께 봉사함으로써 변화를 만드는 추진력, 여러 다양성으로 인하여 더욱더 강하게 하나로 만든다는 내용입니다. 자세한 내용은 영상을 통해서 확인해 보시기 바랍니다.

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