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 Adidas running - ULTRABOOST21

01 | 원문

Woman 1: The first thing it's gotta do,is to make you want to run.

Man 1: If we talk about Ultraboost, it's always about energy and energy return.

Alice Alfaroli: We really start this project on having one single vision together.

Sam Forester: Definitely it wasn’t the job of one designer. It was a huge collection of team members looking at weight,looking at cushioning,and looking at stiffness.Yeah this triangle was a good one to get our heads around.And when you increase one variable, you often impact another in a different way,so a bit of a crazy Rubik’s cube which we had to figure out.

Woman 2: We had so many different great ideasand many different perspectives as well.

Sam Forester: And sometimes when you go extreme on a Boost, what does that then do for performance?What does it do for the gait cycle?

Woman 3: We all agreed for the need of more Boost.

Woman 1: We redesigned the midsole from the ground up.

Sam Forester:Probably the biggest innovation or explorationwas on the LEP torsion system.

Woman 4: A revolution of the torsion spring that we had in previous generations.

UlisseTanzini: We also call it sometimes the ‘Little Extra Push’.

Alice Alfaroli:We started from just like the knit.So concentrating on the new structure, how to highlight it and energize it.

Woman 2: Using a Primeknit+ solution which is much more dense and much more smooth in its surfaceand much more precise.

UlisseTanzini: OK do you want me to be honest? Or do you want me to…I’ll give you an honest answer and then we’ll see if we use it. We have never used Boost in this wayand we have never sculpted it that dramatically before.

Sam Forester:When we put a shoe in the lab and we test the shoe, its where you see whether our decisionsand our, I guess, creative energy has gone in the right direction.

Woman 2: We had these hundreds of hours of sketchingand then there was only one single sketchthat took basically two minutesand that was the key sketch in the end.

Woman1: Fine-tuning the weight, cushioning and stiffnessmeant we would unlock more possibilities for greater energy return which felt truly amazing.

02 | 단어&표현
* energy : 졍력, 활기
* talk about... : (강조의뜻으로) ~하기란
* definite : 확실한, 확고한
* redesign : 다시디자인하다
* innovation : 혁신, 쇄신
* probable : (어떤일이)있을 것 같은
* systematic : 체계적인, 조직적인
* revolution : (정치적인)혁명
* concentrate : (정신을)집중하다, 전념하다
* smooth : 매끈한, 매끄러운

03 | 해설
세계적스포츠 웨어로 유명한 아디다스에서 신제품 신발을 내놓으면서 제작한 영상입니다.
기존에 비해서 어떠한 것이 달라졌으며, 어떠한 혁신적인 제품인지는 영상을 통해서 확인해 보시죠.

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