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 I M LEGEND 2 End Chapter
 이** (steve)


I M LEGEND 2: End Chapter​




Character 1: They say the world ended but I refuse to believe it.

There's still hope out there somewhere.


Character 2: You think you're the only one left?


Character 1: I thought so until now.

We can't let them win.

Not now, not ever.​ 


캐릭터 1: 세상이 끝났다고 하지만 나는 그것을 믿기를 거부합니다.

어딘가에 아직 희망이 있습니다.

캐릭터 2: 너만 남았다고 생각해?

캐릭터 1: 저는 지금까지 그렇게 생각했습니다.
우리는 그들이 이기도록 둘 수 없습니다.

지금은 아니야, 앞으로도 아니에요. 




1. What is the speaker's perspective on the belief that the world has ended?

2. What gives the speaker hope despite the perceived dire situation?

3. What is the speaker's resolve regarding the perceived threat and the need to prevent defeat? 

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