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In France the number of deaths from Coronavirus continues to rise, 600 deaths recorded 

in just 24 hours police are strictly enforcing the government's tough quarantine 

measures over the Easter holiday, in Paris railway stations, airports, major roads are 

being monitored to prevent people leaving the city. 



In France, number of dead from coronavirus continues to rise nearly 600 deaths recorded 

in just 24 hours. 

These are strictly enforcing the government's tough quarantine measures over the 

Easter holiday. In Paris railway stations airports and major roads have monitored to 

prevent people leaving the city.

Lucie Williamson reports, it's not only nations that thrive on Liberty epidemics - at 

stations across Paris today every journey began with a police check freedom of 

movement a new national threat. Iran made it through. 

He's on his way home to Brittany after two years abroad but even the smallest

mistake means being turned away.

I wrote the wrong date not today's date and they've told me I need to go back home 

to prepare another form. I have to go to work but I can't. France carried out almost 

6 million checks during the first fortnight of confinement far more than neighboring

Italy and it's issued more than 400,000 fines. 

But questions over when the confinement will end a growing. Frances tough approach 

to the confinement runs the risk of losing public support. 

If it becomes too harsh or too long. The Interior Minister has advised sensitivity in 

applying the rules and says the police operate differently in the countryside compared 

to the big cities in the poorest suburbs compared to the towns but the Paris police 

chief was forced to apologies today after taking a very different tone. 

Suki saw albany once were hospitalized today. The ones on life support now are the 

ones that didn't respect the quarantine when it began. This is not a video game, 

it's real. There are dead people with few life support. Beds left in the Paris. 

Region patients are being sent across the country for care. This is now the worst-hit 

region of France. But, is there light at the end of the tunnel? 

Emergency watch and as I see me abyssion that came for cyanide half eat says, there 

were no new admissions to intensive care in his hospital today. 

The first, since the epidemic began. The first glimpse of Hope here after weeks of fear

and frustration. The first sign that confinement might have worked. Lucy Williamson, 

BBC News, Paris just wanted to bring you some up-to-date figures while we're talking about Europe. 

In Spain, the number of recorded deaths from coronavirus has fallen for 

a second successive day so they peaked on Thursday. 

So far, with 950 deaths, the deaths overnight recorded Spain, Friday in sight. 

It's Saturday 809 total number of deaths in Spain now. 

Stands at eleven thousand seven hundred and forty four just behind Italy a number of 

new cases in Spain also 

showed as slowed slightly with seven thousand and twenty six people taking tests 

in positive taking at the number who have made the infection to just over a hundred 

and twenty four and a half thousand. 



1. Briefly discuss how the virus afftecs France. 

2. How come the speaker said: "This is not a video game, it's real?" 

3. What can government do to stop a pandemic?

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