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 Virus and Bacteria
 이** (jean)



Let's learn about virus and bacteria.



Today we will learn about bacteria. Bacteria are the simplest of creatures that are considered alive. 

Bacteria are found everywhere. Oh they are in the bread. 

You eat the soil that plants grow in and they live even inside of you. 

Ha ha ha, are you trying to look at the bacteria?

It could be seen only with a microscope. Do you know how it looks? 

Very tiny. Very, very tiny. See here are some pictures of bacteria. 

They come in all sorts of shapes including rods, spirals, and spears. 

Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms. Their cell structure is so unique. 

They do not have a nucleus. Some people think that bacteria are dangerous. 

Most bacteria aren't dangerous at all but some are and can make us sick.

These bacteria are called pathogens. Pathogens can cause and spread diseases in 

animals and plants. 

Some examples of pathogens are leprosy, food poisoning, pneumonia, tetanus, 

and typhoid fever.Nowadays, we have antibiotics. We can take which help to 

fight against the bad pathogens. We also have antiseptics to help us keep 

wounds clean of bacteria. An antibiotic soap, 

we use to wash to help keep off bad pathogens. This is why we should wash your 

hands again and again . Mst of the bacteria are very helpful to us. 

They play an important role in the planet's ecosystem as well as in human survival. 

Bacteria work hard in a soil for us. One type of bacteria called decomposers. 

Break down material from dead plants and animals. One more type of bacteria in the 

soil is Rhizobium. It helps to fertilize the soil with nitrogen for plants to use when 

growing. Do you like to eat yogurt? 

Well, bacteria is used when making foods like yogurt, cheese, pickles, and soy sauce. 

So, they are our friends. There are many good bacteria in our bodies. 

They help us digest and break down the food we eat. Can you show the bacterial 

diagram to your friends? Parts of the bacterial cell capsula life outside the cell envelope 

of bacteria. Outer membrane protects against harsh environment periplasm and cell wall.

Specialized region of great importance. Cytoplasmic inner membrane contains proteins 

of a nuclear cytoplasm gel like matrix composed of water enzymes nutrients, wastes, 

and gases ribosome serve as a site of mRNA translation and protein synthesis reserve 

food supplies. Energy reserves and readily available substrates for metabolic 

chromosome. Molecule of circular DNA missile. Some form in bacterial cells prepared 

for electron microscopy by chemical fixation. You can copy and paste this chart in 

your room. So, that you can always remember this hope. 

This topic is clear now. Stay tuned for more fun videos. 



1. State your ideas regarding virus and bacteria. Do you know how they look?

2. Enumerate some sort of shape of bacteria. 

3. What is Rhizobium? What does is it do to the soil?

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