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 May Crownings
 김희옥 ()

On May 1st day, we had May Crowning day. It is special marian devotions held in the Catholich Church during the month of May honoring the Virgin Mary. The, first, We said the Rosary before Mass. The, seecond, We offered Mass. and then We deveted ourselves to Mary. Father put the besutifu garland to the statue of Mary. Then all the parishionors offered candles and roses. some of them offered letters to Holy Mary. It will be burn so nobody knows what is in the letters except the person who wrote it. The special hymn was beautiful during the seremony. I was very happy to be a member of this nice believers with wonderful priests, I thank Mary allways because of her pryaers and love for us.
2019-05-01 오후 11:16:59