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 THE BOSS BABY 2: Family Business Trailer (2021)
 이** (jean)



Much time has passed since the events from the first film and the Boss Baby

has grown up. But when the Baby Corp has to deal with a new threat,

the best agent they ever had has to trade in the suit for the diapers. 



There were two warriors i kill for a spicy tuna roll right about now get yourself 

a little something the brothers grew apart and a new age began in the middle 

edge dad uncle 10 coming for christmas this year sweetie sometimes you just

grow apart you can't solve everything with money but you can you haven't 

changed at all you're still a big baby suck it ted you suck out of my face 

excuse me I hate to interrupt i mean it's a riveting conversation but why 

don't you suck it she can talk a lot I'm in the family business and now you

work for me boomers baby corp developed a new formula that can turn

a grown-up back into a baby for 48 hours you want me to be a baby again 

yep there's the awkward stage ew baby corp will offer a full memory wipe

following this experience so what's the crisis an evil genius is teaching kids

to be very bad bad babies welcome to the baby evolution we're gonna need

a disguise to go undercover what have you done to me yeah no really going

sailing oh no thanks for always having my back you're my brother we always

stick together because that's what families do we need to hurry before the

formula wears off what the aren't you a cutie in that little karate outfit oh my

gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm sure this isn't something money can't

solve what the fudge.



1. What is the meaning of "grew apart?" 

2. Explain how Ted and Tim go back to Baby Corp. 

3. What crisis do the two brothers need to solve?

2021-01-15 오후 1:25:40
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