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 Outstanding in the Rain
 이** (jean)



A boy spends his birthday in Coney Island going on rides, eating ice cream and snacks. 



Hi, everyone! Welcome back to The StoryTime Family. How;ve you been?

I hope you’ve been keeping well and staying safe with your loveones at home.

It’s actually quite rainy here today but overall pretty warm. Not complaining.

I hope you’ve been having a good day, too. Today we have a really fun book

called Outstanding In The Rain , a whole story with holes by Frank Viva. 

To own your own copy. You can purchase this book via the links in our description 

below. Now, let’s have a look and see what this book is all about. “Ice cream,”

I say my birthday surprise! “Oh no!” I scream, with tears in my eyes. I shout in

her ear, “this is one crazy ride!” But that was her rear I just about cried. 

Those sandwiches there, they look like the best. On the sand which is there. 

We stop and we rest. Ribbons and fork handles – what can it mean? A gift and

four candles – with me in between! The night rain is just beginning to fall. 

The night train is coming- I hear its call. An ice man with a smile is coming

this way. A nice man with a smile just made my day. Hope you enjoyed

Outstanding In The Rain, a whole stort with holes. Keep up the good work. 

Keep reading ! And, if you enjoyed this video, we would appreciate a like, 

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like to hear from you. You take care now. WE’ll see you back here, soon. Bye!



1. Where does the biy spend his birthday? How does he spend his birthday there?

2. When does the rain beggin to fall? 

3. How would you like to celebrate your birthday?

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