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 이** (jean)



A young Israeli girl is oblivious to the historical conflict she lives in. On a trip to 

the market, her mother reinforces her fear of “the other”. However, when chaos

strikes she finds that the people she was once afraid of are not so bad. 

When faced with a common danger, humanity teaches the people of this world

that one must put his/her differences aside because we are all the same. 



Mom: Tigba! No! Yala, let's go; Tikaba, I don't know how many times do I have

to tell you. Don't walk away from me like that, you don't know who these people

are. It's just, they could've hurt you. Tikaba! What did I tell you? Tikaba! Tikaba!

Tikaba: Yma! Muslim woman: It's okay, you're safe here. Here, I can fix it. 

Mom: Tikaba? Tikaba: Yma! Mom: I was looking everywhere for you. I thought

I lost you. Tikaba: Yma, she fixed my bear! Mom: Thank you!



1. Where are the Mother and daughter? 

2. Why does the mother don'ttrust the muslims? 

3. Who helped the little girl get away from danger?

2021-01-05 오후 1:53:10
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