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 The Selfish Crocodile
 이** (jean)



A VERY selfish crocodile is causing trouble in the river and the other forest 

animals are too scared to stand up to him. 



The Selfish crocodile written by Faustin Charles and Illustrated by Michael Terry. 

Deep in the forest, in the river, lived a large crocodile. He was a very selfish 

crocodile. He didn't want any other creature to drink or bathe in the river.

He thought it was his river. Every day, he shouted to the creatures of the forest,

‘Stay away from my river! It's my river! If you come in my river, I'll eat you all!”

So there were no fish, no tadpoles, no frogs, no crabs, no crayfish in the river. 

All were afraid of the selfish crocodile. The forest creatures kept away from the

river as well. Whenever they were thirsty, they went for miles to drink in other 

rivers and streams. Every day the crocodile lay on his great big back in the sun,

picking his big, sharp teeth with a stick. But early one morning, the forest was 

awakened by a loud groaning sound. Something was in terrible pain. 

The creatures thought it was an animal caught by the crocodile. But as the 

Sun came out brightly, they saw that it was the crocodile who was in pain. 

He was lying on his big back, holding his swollen jaw, and he was crying real

tears. The creatures drew closer – but not too close. Some of the creatures

felt sorry for the crocodile. ‘What's the matter with him?’ asked a deer.

’I don't know,’ said a squirrel. ‘Maybe he's going to die,’ chirped a blackbird.

‘If that happens it'll be safe to go in the river!’ grunted a wild pig. The animals

thought about this. They hung from branches, they hung from vines; they 

buzzed in the air, and they shook their heads as they watched the great big 

crocodile in pain. No animal tried to help. Suddenly a little mouse appeared, 

sniffing the air. He ran along the crocodile’s tail, then on to his tummy. 

The other creatures stared. ‘Look at that mouse!’ chatted a monkey. 

‘He's either very brave or mad!’ ‘He's going to be eaten for sure!’ said an

iguana. The mouse crept along the crocodile’s big neck, and into his open 

mouth. There was a hush in the forest. The mouse got hold of something,

and pulled and pulled and pulled. Then he put it on his shoulder and walked 

out of the crocodile’s mouths. There was a loud cheer from the astonished 

creatures. The crocodile sat up and said, ‘I don't feel any more pain. It's all

gone!’ Then he saw the mouse walking down his tummy, carrying an enormous

crocodile tooth on his shoulder. ‘Your bad tooth was giving you the tooth-ache!’ 

answered the mouse, turning around to face the now-smiling crocodile. 

‘Do you want it back?’ ‘Oh no, no, no, get rid of it, and when you've done

that,come back, I'll have a present for you.’ The mouse went and buried the 

bad tooth under a tree, and when he returned, the crocodile had a nice juicy

nut waiting for him.As the crocodile watched the mouse eating the nut,

he said to him,‘You were very clever, getting rid of my tooth-ache – and

kind too.I am so grateful. But what should I do if my tooth-ache comes back?’ 

‘Don't worry, I'll help you take care of your teeth,’ answered the mouse, 

nibbling. Soon the crocodile and the mouse were the best of friends. And one

day the crocodile sent all the animals an invitation. Please come to drink and bathe

in the river! I won't hurt you.’ The river belongs to us all!’he said. The creatures 

weren't afraid to drink and bathe in the river any more.Although the crocodile was 

sometimes snappy, they grew to love him. And soon the river was full of fish 

and tadpoles and crabs and crayfish. 



1. What did the crocodile do to shoo off all animals in the river? 

2. Discuss what made the crocodile cry. How was his problem resolved? 

3. Define selfishness. Is it good or bad? Why do you think so?

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