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 Soon | Good (& Cute) Things come to those who wait
 이** (jean)



Little Mouse is definitely anxiously about the little surprise that's about to come, 

so all she can do it is wait. 



Hey, there! Welcome back to The StoryTime Family. How are you doing today?

How was school? Did you have lots of fun playing with your friends? 

What did you learn today? Have you been reading lots of books on your own? 

Today, we have Soon by Libby Gleeson and Jedda Robaard.

Let’s check it out. Soon. We’re waiting for our baby. Wait, wait, wait.

‘When will the baby come, Mum?’ ‘Soon.’ We wash the tiny clothes.

Wash, wash, wash,. Splash, splash, splash. ‘When will the baby come, Mum?’

‘Soon.’ We paint the baby’s crib. Paint, paint, paint. Splatter, splatter, splatter.

‘When will the baby come, Mum?’ We sort all the toys. Sort, sort, sort.

Play, play, play. ‘When will the baby come, Mum?’ ‘Soon.’ Our baby must be 

near here. ‘Will it be today, Mum?’ Mum shakes her head. ‘Soon,’ is all she says.

I pat Mum’s tummy. Pat, pat, pat. Our baby bumps my hand. Bump, bump, bump.

‘Will the baby ever come, Mum?’ ‘I think so. I know so.’ Mum sighs. 

Sigh, sigh, sigh.Mum is getting tired. And we wait a bit longer. Wait, wait, wait.

And then, and then,and then… Yeay, the baby is here. We have a brand new baby. 

Look at that,isn’t that precious? Do you have a baby sister or baby brother?

You’re so lucky.Hope you enjoy it too. Do give us a like, and subscribe, and click

on the bell for more stories like this. Remember to read lots of books by yourself, 

and we’ll see you back here soon. The links to purchase this book are in the 

description below.See you then. Bye bye! 



1. Define the word “soon.”

2. What made the little mouse anxious about? Why do you think it feels that way? 

3. What is it like to have siblings?

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