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 Tangled Read Along Story book, Read Aloud Story Books, Tangled - Rapunzel's Amazing Hair
 이** (jean)



Read along with Disney! With illustrations by one of the animators from the film, 

and fun, simple rhymes, this book focuses on the funny and amazingly 

unexpected things Rapunzel does with her long golden tresses.



Tangled Rapunzel’s amazing hair. Rapunzel has a treasure more precious 

than gold. Brighter than diamonds, its value untold. Finer than silk and 

exceedingly rare. Can you guess what it is? It’s her magical hair! Her hair

is a fountain of wondrous power. It’s also why she has to stay in this tower.

It’s longer than ladders and strong as bamboo. There is almost nothing her

hair cannot do. When she's cold it's a blanket. When she's bored it's a swing.

Plus did she mention it glows when she sings? Her hair helps her reach those 

high up places. And it's great for making funny faces. She uses it a lot when

she cooks or to mark her place in a favorite book. It takes hours to wash and 

to dry that takes days. But it comes in quite handy when putting on plays. 

She can tie it like a ribbon pile it up in a dew. String it up for a hammock or two.

Oh yes she is blessed to have magical hair. Yet, she keeps wondering what

it's like out there. Just once she wishes she could let herself down and finally 

feel her toes touch the ground. Then off she'd run to sail the high seas.

Or maybe take a swing through the trees. She’d soak up the breeze and 

the sparkling sunlight. If she wants she might even go fly a kite. 

Then she'd let her hair catch some silver moon beams. To put it quite simply

she'd follow her dreams. Yes, her hair is amazing but here's a secret you 

see; she'd trade it all for adventure. And the chance to be free.



1. Who is Rapunzel?

2. Describe Rapunzel’s hair. 

3. What things can Rapunzel do with her hair?

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