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 Chinese man who can ‘jump on water’ goes viral
 이** (jean)



A man from southwestern China’s Chongqing has gone viral for 

“jumping on water”.Zhang Chengqiang, 28, displays his feats of athleticism 

to an audience of millions online. 



This man can jump in water. Zhang Chengqiang, 28, is a kung fu pro. 

He can perform feats of athleticism that make it look like he's pushing 

off the water.He has practised kung fu for more than 18 years. 

Zhang Chengqiang: I'm a kung fu expert, and I'm good at jumping. 

So I had the idea to combine them. It took several attempts, but I made it.

He can jump higher than his height. He shared the skills required to 

'jump on water'.Zhang Chengqiang: It mainly relies on core strength.

And you need to be quick in pulling your legs up. When you reach the water,

you need to seem like you're"stepping" on it. That's why it's challenging and

visually surprising.Zhang can not only 'step' on water, but also jump through

his arms.And do different things while jumping. His tricks have attracted imitators. 

Zhang Chengqiang: Don't imitate my moves blindly, because you can't master

them within just a few days. I designed them based on my own skills, and each 

person has their own strengths, so the tricks may or may not work for them.

He has opened a kung fu training school. Zhang Chengqiang: I hope I can recruit

more students and teach them to be strong and healthy. 

I also hope more people can get to know about Chinese kung fu. 



1. Who is Zhang Chengqiang? 

2. How long has he mastered kung fu? 

3. How can he walk on water?

2020-11-17 오후 1:49:45
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