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 Parents take their kids to ‘Grandma School’
 이** (jean)



Parents are calling their own parents for help with their children’s virtual learning 

as they balance working from home and child care. 



And now to our series remote control with so many kids learning virtually now 

many parents are calling in their own parents for backup Becky Wurley has 

more on I love this name grandma school good morning brothers Colton and 

Gavin and their cousin Jacob are doing their zoom school a little differently 

today that's perfect their moms and dads are at work we were doing school

work kind of around my schedule to be honest but when we switched to live 

teaching and live instruction it was almost virtually impossible for us to do both 

so Kelly turned to her mom grandma Nita had a preschool for many years 

before retiring so she runs a tight ship she keeps track of when their class 

sessions start makes them snacks and lunch and then supervises them during

their breaks I'm happy to help out because it's just so overwhelming founder

and consultant for surviving home school Delise Bernard also enlisted the help

of her own mother and says she sees many grandparents jumping in to help

with virtual learning the grandparents are a huge part of our surviving it takes 

a lot of load off of a parent as a primary teacher but maybe the biggest thing

when it comes to grandma school is bandwidth issues I'm old i don't I'm not 

tech savvy at all sometimes the WI-fi drops out sometimes when she doesn't

know anything i just show her while grandparents helping out is a solution for 

some this may only work for grandparents who are not only geographically 

close by to their families but who are healthy enough to take the risk of 

widening their circle i think everybody is very aware and being careful and 

so it allows us to have the freedom to see them all right i think i want to 

go to gram school and while the supervision and support for working

parents is crucial for Jacob's mom Rachel a high school counselor the 

social benefits for the kids is a big factor too the social emotional piece

that's been so important to be with his cousins and be able to play on

his breaks and after school and I'm just so grateful for that for good 

morning America Becky Wurley ABC news Oakland California and our

thanks to Becky for that you can find more resources about remote

learning on our website Good Morning America. com well hey there GMA

fans robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots

of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over right

over here to get more of awesome videos and content from GMA every

day anytime we thank you for watching and we'll see you in the morning on gma 



1. Define “Grandma School.” 

2. Discuss some downfall of Grandma School. 

3. What impact will the Coronavirus have on the education system in your country?

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