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 The Old Lion and the Fox | Aesop's Fables
 이** (jean)



A lion grown too old and weak to hunt pretended to be sick as a ruse and ate 

the animals that came to visit him in his cave. But the fox only greeted him

from outside and, on being asked why it did not enter, replied 

"Because I can only see tracks going in, but none coming out". 



Narrator: The Old Lion and the Fox. Once upon a time there was an old lion lying 

down under the Blazing Sun.

Lion: Aww, I'm so hungry, but I'm too old and slow 

to hunt. I'm starving! Good! That will do it! "Hello, little rat! Roar!"

Rat: Oh my!Mr. Lion." 

Lion: I'm not feeling well. Go tell everyone to pay a visit to this sick lion.

Did I made myself clear? 

Rat: Yes sir! 

Dear: What? Mr. Lion is sick? 

Monkey: He sure is and he said we must pay him a visit. 

Dear: Let's go before he gets angry.

Narrator: The animals had no choice but to visit the old lion. 

Dear: Hello Mr. Lion how are you feeling?

Lion: Oh it's you the dear, please come in. I'm feeling so sick. 

Roar! Dear: Ahhh!

Monkey: Hello mr. Lion are you feeling better?

Lion: Hello, little monkey, please come in. Roar! 

Monkey: Ahhh!

Narrator: The animals disappeared one by one.

Fox: Hmmm. That's strange. No one came back from visiting mr. Lion's den.

I have to find out what happened. 

Lion: I am brilliant! I made dinner walk right into my den! Although, 

someone is late. Oh yes! The fox hasn't come yet!

Fox: Mr. Lion! 

Lion: Atlast it's the Fox!

Fox: Mr. Lion, how are you feeling?

Sorry I took so long.

Lion: I feel a lot better, thanks to all the animals.

Oh please come inside. Come on in Fox.

Fox: Mr. Lion, this is strange. 

There are footprints leading inside but not in going outside.

Lion: "Ummm...That is.." 

Fox: No way I'm going in! I don't want to be eaten today.

Narrator: Thanks to the wise Fox. no animal came near the lion's den ever again. 



1. What brilliant old sick lion's idea to keep him fed? 

2. How did the wise little fox figure the lion's plan? 

3. What's the moral lesson of the story?

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