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 Dog ‘Frozen’ With Tetanus Nursed Out of Paralysis
 이** (jean)



It looks like a statue of a dog, and it’s stiff as stone, but this puppy named 

Bunny is real. Bunny is afflicted with tetanus, also known as lockjaw, 

which has left her paralyzed. Bunny’s original owner agreed to give her up

to veterinarian Ali Thompson for round-the-clock treatment. After days of 

constant care, there were some small signs of incremental progress. 

When Bunny was able to wag her tail, Thompson grew more hopeful. 

Then one day she came home to find Bunny standing on her own. 



Reporter: It looks like a statue of a dog. It's as stiff as stone. 

Dr. Ally: It's like picking up a coffee table. 

Reporter: But this puppy named Bunny is real.

Dr. Ally: oh what a good girl. Bunny is afflicted with tetanus also 

known as lockjaw. Dr. Ally: The most hallmark sign of it though is the 

complete paralyzation of the victims.

Reporter: Bunny's owner agreed to give her up to veterinarian Ally 

Thompson's round the clock treatment. 

Dr. Ally: We kept the hope alive but always with the realization that 

she may not make it. Reporter: Why did you cover her eyes? 

Dr. Ally: Any amount of stimuli can set off a violent seizure. 

Reporter: After days of constant care there were incremental signs of progress.

Dr. Ally: good job 

Reporter:Then this her tail started to wag like a happy dog.

Dr. Ally: Hey girl. she couldn't move a single muscle on her body except that

little tail would start going... oh my goodness!

Reporter:One day dr thompson came home from work to this surprise.

Bunny was now standing on her own tentatively at first. Here's Bunny today.

Dr. Ally: there she is Reporter: All thanks to the doctor who wouldn't give up

she's absolutely a member of our family. 



1. What was Bunny's condition? 

2. Who took care of her. What were the signs of her progess? 

3. According to Dr. Ally, why did they have to cover her eyes?

2020-11-03 오후 2:06:03
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