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 Your Friend the Rat
 이** (jean)



The special starts in with Remy introducing himself and Emile to the audience and

speaking on behalf of oppressed rats everywhere. Emile starts frowning about 

having to speak out, while Remy pulls a scroll and a two dimensional animation 

starts by presenting the relation between a human and a rat in contrast with 

human dog and human cat relationships. 



A cat looks down on man a dog man's best friend looks up to man but a rat sees

itself as equal to man there are two common types of rats the black rat and the 

brown rat also known as the Norway rat how big is a rat about the size of a 

grown-up's foot we rats like to eat the foods you like to eat our favorite foods 

are scrambled eggs macaroni and cheese and white bread our teeth are so strong 

we can gnaw through lead pipes solid wood and even cinderblocks in India the

Hindu god Ganesha rides around on a rat friend China it is said that the rat brought

the gift of rice to humans the rat even holds the place of honor as the animal that

symbolizes the first year of the Chinese zodiac we are considered a symbol of 

good luck wealth intelligence and charm rats have amazing physical abilities we can

swim for up to three days and we can fit through any whole week and squeeze 

our heads into a rat can jump three feet to the top of a garbage can which is equal 

to a human jumping ten feet one rat couple can have 15,000 descendants a year 

that's a lot of rats many many rats have dedicated their lives to finding cures for

humanity's most dreaded diseases how is this possible well rats and humans share

is similar internal biology that means we get old in much the same way scientists 

can observe things in our rats one or two year lifespan that could take 70 years to

notice in a human have even been to space this has taught humans about how 

the body adapts to weightlessness see rats are pretty cool you provide us with

homes and we eat your trash we've shared a wonderful symbiotic relationship 

throughout history and will be with you far into the future. 



1. Discuss what this story is about. 

2. What do friends mean to you?

3. What do you learn from the story?

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