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 Air travel on the rise as TSA hits first record high in months
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The TSA screened the most passengers since the pandemic began this past

weekend and the CDC has new guidelines about traveling with facial coverings. 



A sign this morning that air travel is on the rise the TSA screening the most

passengers since the pandemic began on Sunday. As the CDC issues new 

guidelines about traveling with a mask Gio Benitez is at Laguardia airport in 

New York with more on all of this good morning Geo. Hey Amy! Good morning.

Yeah, air travel really hit a new milestone this weekend and this is especially 

encouraging for airline workers who are struggling so much. Take a look at this 

right now because the TSA is reporting more than one million people went through

airport security checkpoints Sunday that is the first time since the start of the 

pandemic. Air travel is still down about 60 percent compared to last year but it is

a huge jump from a low of just 87,000 people back in April. The TSA also says

it screened more than 6 million people over the last week that is the highest 

weekly number since marching. And, Geo with more people traveling now we're

also hearing about that new guidance now from the CDC. Yeah, that's right! 

The CDC is now joining airlines in strongly recommending mass on public

transportation for all travelers two years and up, and we're talking about buses

trains and of course planes. Now here's what the CDC is saying, transmission

of the virus through travelers has led to and continues to lead to interstate and

international spread of the virus which causes Covid19. The CDC says, 

masks will help protect Americans and they'll give people the confidence to start

traveling again and traveling again safely, Amy. Yes, wear your masks. Can't say

it enough. Well hey there GMA fans. Robin Roberts here. Thanks for checking 

out our YouTube channel. Lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe 

button right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from GMA

every day, anytime. We thank you for watching and we'll see you in the morning on GMA. 



1. What is the meaning of pandemic?

2. What are the new guidelines of the CDC about traveling with facial coverings?

3. Is air travel unsafe due to coronavirus? How can I protect myself during a flight?

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