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 Black mom and white daughter address strangers' comments in viral video
 이** (jean)



Jeena Wilder, a mom of four from Dallas, Texas, and her adopted 6-year-old 

addressed the questions asked by outsiders about their relationship. 



This Black mom and her adopted daughter made a viral stranger's comments. 

[Are you the nanny? - no] 

[Are you her mother? - yes] 

[Did your husband cheat on you? - no] 

[Does she call you mom? - yes]

Jeena and Drue Wilder adopted their daughter in October 2019. 

The 6-year-old's biological parents are related to dad, Drue. "She's really sweet 

and super forgiving and is the happiest child," Jeena said. Jeena was inspired to

create a video to address false assumptions made by strangers. "Instead of thinking 

of other avenues on how people can become mothers they automatically assume,

" she said. Jeena would like to see more Black, Indigenous and People of Color

adopting. "Then it will not only be the norm, but we will see more children getting 

adopted, "Jeena said.

[Are you the nanny? - no]

[Are you her mother? - yes] 

[Did your husband cheat on you? - no] 

[Does she call you mom? - yes] 

[Is she your biological daughter? - no]

[Do you love her unconditionally? - yes] 



1. Why did Jeena and her daught's video gone viral? 

   What questions did they answer on their video? 

2. How is the girl related to Due and Jeena Wilder? 

3. What does Jeena would like to see?

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