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 이** (jean)



Peter Pan and his sister, Alice, embark on adventures to Neverland and Wonderland.



Every child has a fairy born just for them. Think this bell was born for you.

It's just a bell. She's in a hurry to grow up. He dreams of exploring new lands.

Who are these dirty vagabonds? And, what have they done with my children?

This is the untold story of a brother and sister. Two kindred adventurers.

Wait for me. Our Alice and And our Peter. I am Pan, God of the woodlands

and these are my woods. I told you to pay your debt. You fail the boss. 

How is he? He's still the boss. The lost boy is at your service.

Put girl’s fingernails are black with dirt. We will make a lady of you, yet.

Alice comes with me. Rose you shall pay your debt. I need more time. 

Take me away from here. Peter don't let life take you down you just keep

floating above it. I want to help.Games and games, and what are your names? 

Alice look! We can all use a little extra courage now. It's not time to grow up,

Alice. Neverest. Peter! You'll see. 



1. Who are Alice and Peter?

2. What do you know about the story of ‘Alice And The Wonderland’ and

   ‘Peter Pan?’ 

3. Do you like this kind of movie? Why or why not?

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