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 80-Year-Old Passenger Safe After Hot Air Balloon Emergency
 이** (jean)



It was a scary sight as a hot air balloon made an emergency landing in the 

suburbs outside Chicago after an 80-year-old woman passed out on board. 

The landing was caught on surveillance video. The pilot, Chad Morin, 

used all of his expertise to bring the balloon and his six passengers down safely,

but it was tense as they all waited to touch the ground. 



Anchor: A terrifying moment on a hot-air balloon, as a woman on board 

passes out.And the pilot is forced to land in a residential neighborhood. 

Reporter: Look out below it's a hot air balloon emergency landing.

It happened in a residential suburb outside Chicago. 

After an 80 year old woman on board, passed out. Chad Lauren, was the pilot 

Chad Lauren: I wasn't immediately concerned except the fact that at 

80 years old and being not responsive I didn't want to take any chances.

Reporter: This scary landing was captured on a home surveillance camera.

The pilot used all his expertise to bring the balloon and his six passengers to a 

safe but scary landing. 

Chad Lauren: I had positioned the balloon blow over the houses and found a 

narrow hole that was absolutely just big enough within within a few inches of

being able to land vertically.



1. Detail the epic emergency landing of a hot air balloon. 

2. How old was the woman?

3. How was the footage taken?

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