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 My No No No Day
 이** (jean)



In this cute story, Bella's day goes very wrong, but when her mother tucks

her in at bedtime Bella realizes a better day is ahead. This story also illustrates

that it is ok to have a bad day. Sometimes things don't go your way, and it's ok. 



Hi welcome to the Pink Penguiny today I will be reading to you, My No No, No, Day! 

by Rebecca Patterson. Yesterday I woke up and Bob was crawling around my room

lickingmy jewelry. So I shouted, "Get out of my room"! And that was the start of 

my no, no, no day. Then I came downstairs and I saw that egg. I cried and cried 

and said, I can't eat that! And mommy said, "You could eat it last week. 

Book at Bob eating his mashed banana" After the terrible egg I didn't like my 

shoes either. So I took them off all by myself, shouting, No shoes! And then 

we had to go shopping and mommy said, "Please stop wiggling, Bella. 

But I couldn't stop wiggling and in the end I shouted, get me out! Mommy said,

"You will give Bob an earache. And you are giving me a headache.

" And Bob poked me and said, "ear." At lunchtime Sasha and her mommy came

to play and to have some peanut butter and grapes and a cookie. But... 

my cookie broke! Then I couldn't play nicely and I kept saying, No, you can't be 

princesses! And in the end, Sasha and her mommy went home. In the afternoon

it was my ballet lesson. "I said, ballet is too itchy! But I was very loud and mrs. 

Clark stopped playing the piano and Miss Louisa said, "Dear oh dear perhaps you

should sit in the corner, then." On the way home we met the lady who lives next

door and she said that Bob was the sweetest thing she'd seen all day, and then 

she said, "And how is Bella?" I was a long way behind so I had to shout, 

"I have a hurting foot! And mommy said could I keep my voice down and 

could I please stop lying on the sidewalk. Then it was time for my supper in my

bath and those peas were, too hot! And our bath was too cold! And I was too wet!

And it was too minty! After that, I rolled and rolled and said no bed no no no no

bed no no! And mommy said, "Well, I think someone needs to go to bed.

" But I rolled all over my room and then I roll into Bob's room and I said, bed is for

babies! And then I yawned a little yawn.Then I crawled into my room,

and mommy said, "Who wants a story?" And I said, nobody! But she came into

my room anyway and we cuddled up and had my best story about fairies 

and cake. Yawn..I yawned again and I said, very quietly, "today was a very 

bad day, mommy. Sorry" and she kissed me goodnight and said,

"I know we all have those days sometimes, but perhaps you will be more 

cheerful tomorrow." And...I was! I was! I was cheerful all day long! 



1. How did Bella's no, no, no, day started? 

2. What did she do all day?

3. Did her mood changed the next day?

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