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 1000-Year-Old Mill Is Grinding More Than Ever During Pandemic
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A mill in the south of England has been grinding wheat into flour since the year 1016.

In recent years, it’s operated mostly for the benefit of tourists.

But when the Coronavirus hit the U.K., it affected the flow of some goods like flour. 

So the mill operators decided to increase production to its former levels. 

Miller Peter Loosmore told CBS News, "It suddenly threw the clock right back to 

medieval times almost working the mill just as it used to." 



Reporter: This thousand-year-old business is back in business.

It's a flour mill in the South of England and the mill stones have been grinding wheat

into flour since the Year 1016. In recent years, it's operatedmostly for the benefit 

of tourists. But then,.. Peter Loosemore: Lockdown came along we had already 

set up the mill within probably about 10 days to a fortnight we realized that all the

local shops were running out of flour.

Reporter: The mill ramped up production doubling its typical summer output in less

than a month.

Peter: It suddenly threw the clock right back to medieval times, almost. 

Working the mill just as it used to. 

Reporter: In the UK the coronavirus lockdown affected the flow of some goods

like flour. So the mills increased production has been a godsend to local stores.

Store Manager: Wow! Floy maze made a massive difference.

Reporter: Said the store manager. Store Manager: We've not seen demand for

flour and yeast like this, ever. 

Reporter: This nearby baker was also thankful.

Baker: We nearly run out of flour and there's a funny old mill down the road that 

can only produce a few sacks a day at most stepped up, came in. 

Reporter: That means, he could keep meeting the increased demand for his 

baked goods. 

Baker: there is a ascertain as is that when times are hard people eat white bread 

it's a comfort food it's the original comfort food. Isn't it? 

Reporter: All thanks to a millennium old millmaking flour the old-fashioned way. 



1. How old is the flour mill? 

2. Where is it located? 

3. Detail how this old mill is helping the community amid the pandemic?

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