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 The Old Guard
 이** (jean)



Led by a warrior named Andy (Charlize Theron), a covert group of tight-knit mercenaries 

with a mysterious inability to die have fought to protect the mortal world for centuries.

But when the team is recruited to take on an emergency mission and their extraordinary 

abilities are suddenly exposed, it’s up to Andy and Nile (Kiki Layne), the newest soldier

to join their ranks, to help the group eliminate the threat of those who seek to replicate

and monetize their power by any means necessary. 



You've got questions, kid. I get it. I need you to get in the car, please. 

This isn't real.You haven't figured this out yet? You can't die. Get up. 

Can you please not do that again? -I have the new one. -And? 

She stabbed me, so I think she has potential.-So how old are you?

-We met in the Crusades. The Crusades? -We killed each other.

-Many times. We fought thousands of battles side by side. So we really

never die. Nothing that lives, lives forever. One day your wounds just don't heal 

up anymore. We don't know when. It is a lot to understand. Just because we keep

living doesn't mean we stop hurting. You've seen my research. 

You knowthey're for real. I need all of them, Copley. 

These individuals are extremely resistant to capture. We stop Merrick here and 

now or he never stops coming after us.-Everyone still with me? 

-Yeah. -Joe? -I'm very pissed off. Then let's go to work.

I can't do this. I got people that love me. Everyone around you is gonna grow old,

is gonna die. You will lose everyone you've ever loved. You're one of us now.

We walk out of here like always. Together. 

You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.It just hurts. Actually, everything hurts.  



1. What is a warrior? 

2. Tell us who Andy is. What does she do for a living? 

3. Have you ever thought of having a special mission? What is that about?

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