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 How Close Are We to Flying Cars?
 이** (jean)



Could flying cars be the answer to avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic?

Inventors have been trying for decades to create flying cars,though it 

seems the idea of self-driving cars may soon be closer to science reality. 



You're stuck on the highway bumper-to-bumper traffic a commute that should 

have taken a few minutes has now somehow become an hour-long endeavor 

and this happens we all have one of two thoughts one monster truck or two wish

I could just fly over this mess great news some of Sciences greatest minds are

saying we already have them we already have flying cars they call helicopters well

that's not quite what we meant Neal but let's find out how the science fiction of

the flying car we all know and love may be closer than you think to a science

reality sci-fi has long imagined that flying cars would zip around unencumbered 

by traffic in star wars Blade Runner and the Fifth Element flying cars just seemed 

right while flying cars once seemed inevitable they haven't quite caught on yet

even though inventors have been trying for decades now companies like uber 

are developing airborne ride-sharing but the infrastructure and regulations 

don't yet exist to support it but maybe flight isn't our only solution to traffic

for you men who are always late to the office we have this built-in Auto but 

we're really looking for is found time that's where sci-fi has been way ahead 

of us with the self-driving car drive engage may I suggest you put the car in the 

Auto cruise mode for safety sake no you may not the self-driving car may soon 

be a common reality Google Tesla, Ford uber, and others have been developing 

self-driving cars for years cities including Paris and Beijing are testing self-driving 

cars on the road and wham-o has released a fleet of truly driverless taxis in 

Phoenix Arizona the cars used sensors and complex algorithms to navigate 

and to avoid collisions problems have cropped up with some test projects 

including crashes a pedestrian death and even violence towards the cars 

which could be typical road rage or the quirks of interacting with AI which

sci-fi also predicted so the next time you're feeling that road rage take

a deep breath inhale exhale and know that the flying cars are coming soon




1.Are there traffic problems in your city or town? Talk about it in detail. 

2.What do you think of flying cars? 

3.What would flying cars do to ease traffic on roads?

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