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 Most Cars Broken Into Aren’t Locked: Police Commissioner
 이** (jean)



As the coronavirus lockdown enters June, many people who once commuted 

can hardly remember what it’s like to drive to work. Cars have been sitting largely 

untouched as cities like New York have suspended alternate-side parking. 

But the unattended vehicles have become a target of crooks looking to nab 

as many valuables from unlocked cars as they can. Nassau County Police 

Commissioner Patrick Ryder says car theft has risen 20% this year. 

He said that 90% of cars broken into aren’t locked. 



Anchor: If you think having your car parked in the driveway during the pandemic 

means it's safe, think again. Reporter: It's a swarm of wannabe thieves running

through a neighborhood during a heavy downpour looking for any unlocked doors

in all those cars parked in the driveway. This guy hits paydirt and swipes what's 

inside. All these vehicles are sitting idle during the pandemic and they've become

easy targets. Thefts are way up. Watch this guy wearing a face mask. He enters 

an unlocked car and rifles through the console looking for valuables. These guys 

aren't actually criminal masterminds. They're looking for the easiest targets.

They just check car doors. If they're locked, they move on. 

Nurse: I was extremely devastated. Reporter: Nurse Jamee Byrd Beasley 

had $2,000 in critical medical supplies swiped out of her car. It was all caught 

on a grainy tape. You can see a man go into her trunk and leave with a bag. 

Nurse: I really, really needed that equipment to care for the people in my

community. Nassau County, New York Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder 

says 90% of cars broken into aren't locked. 

Police: Real simple tip: Don't leave things that the bad guys can see from 

the window as they walk by. The second tip is lock your car.

If you lock the car, that's half the battle.



1. What are the crooks doing during the pandemic? 

2. Specify how they were able to steal? 

   How many percent cars broken into aren’t locked this year. 

3. What did the police officer advice people?

2020-06-30 오후 12:04:44
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