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 My Heart | A story about understanding what makes us special
 이** (jean)



A heart is many things.

Some days it is open, some days it is broken, some days it is a window, some days it is lonely or a whisper.

On most days it is big, happy, bright and bursting with joy or swell with pride.

Our hearts are special, it makes us who we are.

When we let our hearts be our guide and let love lead the way, everything will work out like it should. 



Hey, there! Welcome back to the story time family.

How was your day? I had a pretty good day, a busy day, but I had some free time to myself and I got to do some of the things that I love.

I hope you got to spend time with the people you love and did the things that you loved. Did you get to read lots of books too?

Well, I hope you like reading as much as we do today.

We have a book called My Heart by Corinna Boykin.



A heart is many things. Some days it is open.

Some days it is broken. Some days it is a window. And some days it is lonely, or a whisper.

But, most days it is big, happy, pride, and bursting with joy, or swell with pride.

Our hearts are very special because it makes us who we are and when you leave with your heart.

Well, things will always work out.

Well, let's find out what my heart is about my heart.

My heart is a window. My heart is a slide.

My heart can be closed or open up wine.

Some days it is cloudy and heavy with rain.

Sometimes, we may feel sad or down, and you know what? That's okay too.

You're allowed to feel sad.

Some days it is tiny but tiny can grow, and grow, and grow.

There are days it's a fence between me and the world.

Days it's a whisper that can barely be heard.

There are days it is broken but broken can be mend and a heart that is close can still open again. Yes, it can.

Sometimes we may feel so sad like will never ever be happy again but we can.

My heart is a shadow a light and a guide closed or open I get to design.



Wasn't that a beautiful story?

I like this book a lot. Do you like this book?

Thank you so much for sitting down and meeting with us today.

Hope you go on to read many, many, more books on your own.

Don't forget to give us a like, and subscribe, and leave us a comment.

Come back and see us again for more stories like this.

Take care now.



1.What comes to mind when you hear the word "heart?"

2.Briefly narrate what the main character says about her heart. 

3.What do you think makes our heart special?

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