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 Doctor ultrasounds his lungs as his coronavirus progresses
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Dr. Yale Tung Chen, who contracted coronavirus from a colleague while treating patients in Madrid, shares his story with CNN's Alisyn Camerota. 



Reporter: As people around the world struggle with the threat of coronavirus, 

health care workers in the frontlines have to face this pandemic head-on. 

Joining us now is a doctor who got infected with coronavirus while threatening 

his patient in Spain. Dr. Yale Tung Chen works in a hospital in Madrid. Dr. Chen, 

we are so glad to have you with us. How are you feeling today?

Dr. Chen: Thank you! Today... much better than yesterday.

Reporter: How many days is this that you are being sick?Dr. Chen: 5 days

Reporter: You look great! I've got to say you look great. And you know, 

that you have been charting the course of your illness on Twitter for people. 

So, can you take as to day one, what are your symptoms? Day two,

what are your symptoms? Day three? And, so on.Dr. Chen: hm-mm... Sure... 

The first day, I started with some chills, sore throat, cough, and headache then 

a low-grade fever. Then, move to day two... ah... 

The headache started to fade away. I started to feel with small mild diarrhea.

And, the low-grade fever disappears also. The cough is still faster. Day three,

I started to feel a little bit better. 

Reporter: As you are talking, you put up an ultrasound.

You have an ultrasound every day of your lungs. And wha...

If we can just put up this again ultrasound, it was hard for us to know what you 

were saying of course. But, what do you see happening in your lungs to day four?

Dr. Chen: Well, I see... ah... my ulrasound is opacities which... ah... 

correlates with the pneumonia. 

So, the translation to my ultrasound would be pneumonia.

Reporter: So, you have pneumonia? You develop pneumonia because of this.

Dr. Chen: Yes, the pneumonia is common in this disease. Now, I am doing just fine. 

Reporter: That's amazing, Dr. Yule. So, happy to hear that. 

You are what you say a doctor at university hospital in Madrid, Spain. 

Doctors also are hypercautious. You are wearing gloves. 

You wash your hands all the time. 

You wear protective garments.

So, do you know exactly how you caught coronavirus, 

or it is just community spread at your hospital?Dr. Chen: Well no, 

my colleagues who was positive way probably way before the rest of us. 

So, it is a message I want to send to all my doctor, fellows, colleagues,

to be careful and one who is symtomatic to avoid any contact or even work. 

Reporter: That's interesting! So another is... Before,

you are started behind all of the protectie garments, 

one of your colleagues was positive and probably spread it through touch,

through coughing, trough a surface.Dr. Chen: Yes! Back then, 

nobody knew that there was positive but after my positive test. They got it done, 

as well, and that to be it. 

Since, he was fist with symptoms all guessed who could be he cause.

Reporter: Doc, when are you going to be able to back to work?

Dr. Chen: Ah... probably, 

in one week time, hopefully. 

If everything goes right, as soon as I don't have symptoms

I can repeat my test and if it turns negative I can go back to work. And yup, 

probably my bosses will put me in the frontline to see our patients.

Reporter: Well, Dr. Yule Tung Chen, everyone appreciatessymptom

QUESTIONS being able to watch what you went through. 

And then watch, your quick recovery. 

Thank you so much for sharing your personal story 

with us today.Dr. Chen: Thanks to you.Male Reporter: It's great to see him.

Reporter: Feeling better.

Male reporter: Yes, and the vast majority of people who get will.

Reporter: But, it wasn't mild. I think there's also sypmtom confusion 

about what 80% of people will get it. If it's mild, getting pneumonia, having chills,

everything he described. I don't know you consider that mild.Male 

Reporter: He did make it sound comfortable, that's for sure. 



 1.Talk about Doctor Chen. How did he describe being infected by this said

    virus from his day-to-day observation.   

 2.How did he become infected with coronavirus?

 3.What can you do to protect yourself fromdisease having the desease?

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