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 Coronavirus: Will the Olympics be cancelled?
 이** (jean)



Keep on running. That was the message from the International Olympic Committee who insist that this summer's games in Tokyo would go-ahead and athletes should continue to prepare. 



The Japanese say Tokyo 2020 is in the lap of the Shinto gods, but it's this man that Thomas back the old powerful president of the International Olympic Committee who will have the final say. "Good morning." "Good morning, Mr. Bach! Can I have a quick words? For coronavirus..." For now he says it's on. Following a very comprehensive discussion today in the executive port the IOC remains fully committed to the success of the Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020. I would like to encourage all the athletes to continue their preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with the great confidence and with full steam. With back shaking questions it was up to his communications man to tackle the skeptics. As you know there's not even an international travel ban and still not a pandemic announced. All the advice we're getting is that the games can and will go ahead there are some issues and complications with...with qualification although thankfully national Impa committees and if's are working very closely together and we seem so far to be doing a very good job of making sure athletes can compete so at this precise time we are working moving ahead and expecting the games to begin on the 24th of July. The Olympics is a nine a billion pound event in seven years in the planning it's no surprise the IOC should seek to keep the show on the road, but in Japan they're already looking at plan B and whether their contract means it could be held later in the year. It only says if the games are not to be held within 2020 it depends on how this is interpreted but it can be read as allowing a postponement within 2020. This clock is ticking down as the Tokyo Olympics grows ever nearer it's now just a hundred and forty-two days to go but who knows if we'll actually have a Tokyo Olympics at all, and if we do what would it look like who will be there and when will it happen? wWth the IOC refusing to offer reassurances to fans with tickets or big-money sponsors so far we still don't know despite mr. Bach's pleading where this ship is heading. Martha Kellner, Sky News. 



1. State your viewpoints regarding thier decision to keep the Olympic Games going in 2020. 

2. What precautions is Japan taking to contain Coronavirus when thousands of visitors come for the Summer Olympics in July 2020? 

3. If the Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics are cancelled due to the Coronavirus, where else will they be organized?

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