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 Pratice to write (Englsih letter 1)
 임선옥 ()

Dear, Jenny How are you doing today? How about your wedding preparation? Always I am praying for your health and happiness. I am so sorry to imform you that Suddenly, I must go to the business trip in the USA at the same date with your wedding day. I tried to change the date, but that was impossible to me. The order is urgent. Our company have one of VIP who is living in Newyork. He gave us a mail which take a urgent order. So,I must go there. If I were not to go there, he would cancel the important contract with us. Lovely jenny! Please have a wonderful wedding day. I lookforward to see you with me after the wedding. good bye. sincerely, Sonia
2019-09-23 오후 11:59:20